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The PR war continues, aided by the clueless

Robin has linked to some bizarre articles on what Microsoft and Sony were showing at E3.

Gamesradar states:

PS3 demos confirmed as fakes

nVidia spokesperson confirms hardware is unfinished - demos cannot be real


Microsoft isn't entirely faultless either, however, with playable demo units on the E3 show floor - which at face value appeared to be running on the displayed Xbox 360s - in fact, being powered by Apple G5s and Xenon development units behind the scenes.

Um? Just because it's not running on final hardware doesn't mean it's not 'real'. (Of course, I don't think the movies Sony showed were 'real', but that is not the point.)

And OMIGOD!! the Xbox 360's devkit looks like an Apple PowerMac lol! Obviously Gamesradar is written from a secluded cave. This was a widely-reported rumor - I hesitate to use the word - at least a year ago. I almost envy them, except I like running water and indoor plumbing.

So what is "the great Xbox 360 E3 hoax"? Is the article in fact uncovering a genuine hoax? In fact, no.

[...] this console's only just started – this is just the beginning. Its games, once developers have sat down and spent a decent amount of time with full development kits, will just get better and better.

Who writes this stuff? This is just wrong on so many levels. It's as if this were the first console generation transition the world has ever seen. Maybe it's the first one to get noticed in that cave.

So, Sony and Microsoft do more or less the same thing, however in Sony's case this means their demos are fakes, while in Microsoft's case it just means their final games will be even cooler. And this on a site with a URL ending in ''. Jeez, I thought these kind of stunts only happened in U.S. politics.

I can't believe I'm getting worked up over clueless games journalism.