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The PR war continues, aided by the clueless

Robin has linked to some bizarre articles on what Microsoft and Sony were showing at E3. Gamesradar states: PS3 demos confirmed as fakes nVidia spokesperson confirms hardware is unfinished – demos cannot be real […] Microsoft isn’t entirely faultless either, however, with playable demo units on the E3 show floor – which at face value […]


I’ve been asked not to write a post that simply says “I know I haven’t updated in a while”, so I won’t. Still, how awesome that the word of the day for May 25th 2005, i.e. my birthday, is ‘artifice’. If that isn’t a sign from the gods, I don’t know what is. Thanks for […]



Time to get down

What do I talk about after my long, contemplative silence? What deep thoughts have germinated in my mind? What current affair has caught my eye? Bandai and Namco merging? Vivendi and Vale splitting up? Christian video games? No. I want to talk to you about the, excuse my French, dope music videos by Keith Schofield. […]