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I don't need to post what I've been up to anymore, I have people to do that for me.

I forgot that France is a civilized country and hence movies such as Howl's Moving Castle play in a lot of major cinemas quite soon and nobody considers this exceptional and these movies get into the national top 10. It will probably be out on DVD before it comes into the cinemas here, in an exceptional multi-disc package with no English subtitles.

The expo and the movie were all in one day. At 11 PM I had a gargantuan dinner at Le Vilaret, which included young rabbit compote and pain perdu with truffle ice cream. Not just any old rabbits, mind you. Young rabbits, with big moist eyes and floppy ears. Yum.

The next day I loaded up on viennoiseries at Paul, and, fully savoring the irony, flew back to Vienna, where no good pains aux raisins or pains aux chocolat can be found.