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Extending your Xbox

As a trigger for double entendres, this is like putting your mouth to a fire hose, so I'm just going to report it straight to stop my head from exploding.

I don't think I saw this on the usual news sites, but then I haven't been paying that much attention lately. This is a guide on how to wire a vibrator to the rumble function of your Xbox controller (and soon PS2 and GameCube). There.

Favorite quote:

Time for our first test of the vibrator (with no one attached to the other end, unfortunatly. We really gotta work on the whole porn aspect of this site). In dedication to JG Ballard (and to a lesser extend, David Cronenberg), I decided to use Burnout 3 in Crash mode. There's nothing quite as satisfying as watching a dildo run due to the fact that you just crashed your car into a crowded intersection. Sure enough, the second I hit another car, the vibe took off across the table. It was truly a beautiful sight, and one I'll hopefully have a movie of here pretty soon.

(Aren't you glad I'm posting again?)

(Via Warren Ellis.)