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Chris Crawford and interactive storytelling

Well, here is something, by way of Mark Barrett and Robin, that distracts me enough from trying to get to level 40 in World of Warcraft that I’m going to update my blog. Two years ago, Greg Costikyan wrote a post-GDC entry on his blog that expressed a lot of the frustration that I think […]

Better than WoW?

Here is an interesting off-line game. It’s multi-player, soloing is not fun. I play it occasionally. It’s not very well balanced, and there is some griefing (though preciously little PK-ing). However, the rewards can be very satisfying.


I don’t need to post what I’ve been up to anymore, I have people to do that for me. I forgot that France is a civilized country and hence movies such as Howl’s Moving Castle play in a lot of major cinemas quite soon and nobody considers this exceptional and these movies get into the […]

GDC 2005

Even though I wasn’t there, there’s a lot of stuff to comment on regarding GDC 2005. However, my leatherworking skill is at 169 and when I get to 170 I can make cool new stuff. Also, I need 4g50 to finally increase my skinning skill which has been maxed out for a week now, I […]

Extending your Xbox

As a trigger for double entendres, this is like putting your mouth to a fire hose, so I’m just going to report it straight to stop my head from exploding. I don’t think I saw this on the usual news sites, but then I haven’t been paying that much attention lately. This is a guide […]


Whoa. Update: So, in case you hadn’t guessed: I have not posted for the last three weeks because I have been playing World of Warcraft pretty much non stop.