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China Bans The Sims 2

China Bans 50 Games
"Stargoat writes 'The official mainland Chinese news agency, Xinhau, is reporting that China is banning 50 gaming titles. These titles include Battlefield Vietnam, The Sims 2, and FIFA 2005. A similar game banning event occurred six months ago in China, but not to this scale.'"

Manhunt is one of those 50 games, but that was surely one of those "Didn't you ban that? No, I thought you banned it" oversights.

But The Sims 2? What's up with that? Does it include references to Chinese provinces such as Tibet and Taiwan? Is it against the official ideology? Or is it because it's published by EA?

(Via Slashdot: Games.)

Update: There's a comment over at BoingBoing explaining what is probably really going on.