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Confessions of a UO Gold Farmer

Another quick one: a tale from the shady underworld that clings parasitically to the grand-daddy of modern day MMOs, Ultima Underworld. It’s a thrilling yarn of swashbuckling hackers, despicable pirates, vast hoards of gold and farms full of bots, forced to dig for gold and repel attacks by other bots. It is told by a […]

China Bans The Sims 2

China Bans 50 Games “Stargoat writes ‘The official mainland Chinese news agency, Xinhau, is reporting that China is banning 50 gaming titles. These titles include Battlefield Vietnam, The Sims 2, and FIFA 2005. A similar game banning event occurred six months ago in China, but not to this scale.’” Manhunt is one of those 50 […]

It’s like a car crash in slow motion

EA stock goes up, sixty people are fired (in that order).

Penny Arcade on Exclusivity

It’s funny because it’s true.

What EA TV might look like

Read the UK-centric humour here.

Changes at a previous employer

This is probably not of interest to most people, but the CEO of my previous employer, JoWooD Software Productions, is stepping down. Read all about it. Update: I just read in this German-language article that JoWooD has closed two development studios: Wings, developer of Soeldner, and JoWooD Ebensee, developer of Industry Giant. The manager of […]

The Cell Processor Explained

Read the technical details here. Update: Here is the discussion about the above-mentioned article. Update: And here is an interview with NVIDIA’s Vice President of Corporate Marketing about the PS3’s GPU.

EA signs ESPN licensing deal, rolls out new Death Star

After signing an exclusive 5-year deal with the NFL (and an exclusive 4-year deal with the AFL), EA has signed an exclusive 15-year deal with ESPN. Read all about it over at Kotaku, Video-fenky.

San Andreas, the methodical way

Kotaku writes: Some guy wired a PS2 controller to his computer’s parallel port. Then he had it run through all of the button combinations at high speed to find all of the cheats for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. How wonderfully methodical. The cheats can be found here. These guys also claim to have looked […]

The first PSP virus

Eurogamer writes about Planet Moon’s first PSP game. It has a fascinating multiplayer idea: “As well as a single-player mode, Infected will also take advantage of the PSP’s wireless multiplayer functionality, and should put an interesting spin on things as, in addition to just blasting each other, players will be able to create a unique […]