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Robbers scared off by Playstation game

Robbers scared off by Playstation game get jail time.

Back in March, Sandy Wilson was taking care of her three grandsons when a group of men attempted to burglarize her home, pointing a gun at the kids.

The children happened to be playing a video game called Grand Theft Auto at the time. The game has dozens of random police scanner messages, which blare out calls such as "This is the police! You’re surrounded!" Believe it or not, Wilson says the burglars heard that message and thought police were outside the door waiting for them.

Well, that's way more up-beat and heart-warming than the "Bomb Scare Blamed On Grand Theft Auto" story. And less embarrassing to the authorities than the "Video Game Character Wanted By Real Police" (couldn't find a link, sorry).

But why do three 18-year old males need their grandma to take care of them?..

(Thanks, Ryan.)