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More Lucky Wander Boy

It seems my positive post about Lucky Wander Boy triggered the interest of both Tobe and Jamie enough to go and read it. Tobe hasn’t posted his verdict yet (he seems ambivalent about the book), but Jamie likes it. In related news, Jamie wrote a novel and became a dad. Congratulations!

Damion Schubert’s blog

This is as good a moment as any to link to Damion Schubert‘s blog Zen Of Design, seeing how he’s just linked to me and added a comment to the “On Academia” post. I first met Damion at this year’s GDC, when I went up to him, introduced myself, and told him we’d both worked […]

EA execs contracts leaked

Kotaku reports that among the many, many comments (3735 and counting) on the LiveJournal post that started the controversy around EA’s employment policies, one can find such things as the Senior VP for Human Resources’ employment contract. I’m glad someone else took the time to comb through all of those comments. However, I did find […]

Shooter tournament

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while now. On the 20th of November, I attended a shooter tournament (in German) in a gaming establishment in Neulengbach (in German), a town outside of Vienna.

Lucky Wander Boy follow-up

Thanks to Grand Text Auto for pointing out this interview with D.B.Weiss, the author of Lucky Wander Boy, the novel about classic video games I’ve mentioned earlier. His favorite recent game? Katamari Damacy. Has anything in recent games inspired you like the MAME emulator? Katamari Damacy (Namco, 2004) was certainly an inspiration — it really […]

Robbers scared off by Playstation game

Robbers scared off by Playstation game get jail time. Back in March, Sandy Wilson was taking care of her three grandsons when a group of men attempted to burglarize her home, pointing a gun at the kids. The children happened to be playing a video game called Grand Theft Auto at the time. The game […]

On Academia

The nice thing about a blog is that you can just link to someone else’s words instead of having to do any heavy lifting yourself. It is even nicer when the someone else in question is a good friend and when the topic he writes about is an important one. Which leads me to Mark […]

Writing is hard

Writing seems easy, but it’s really hard – just as hard as any complex design / problem-solving job. Don’t believe me? Read about Neil Gaiman’s progress with his latest novel. It reminds me of some game designs I’ve worked on (and thanks to Mark for pointing out that what I felt was normal, and that […]

The PSP is out in Japan…

And who cares? However, here‘s a funny picture. Be sure to read the screen of the DS. Update: Here‘s the revenge picture :)

Vice City vs Metroid

Vice City vs Metroid. Samus Aran has her own peculiar appeal. It just doesn’t work when she tries to be like the other girls.