Monthly Archives November 2004

Treasure Box

Treasure Box is a wonderfully surreal Flash game, similar to Fly Guy or Orisinal (see my earlier post). Slightly Gilliam-esque, with a nice visual style and a logic all of its own. (via The Cartoonist)

Time Magazine on game QA

Time Magazine has an article on game QA. It’s incredibly shallow, but hey, it’s an article on game QA in Time Magazine. Admirably, it has evolved beyond "Gee! People get paid to play games!" to "Golly! People get paid to abuse games!" A subtle difference. It mostly involves a golf arcade game. Well, the golf […]

Speed record

Having said that, I found this article on San Andreas’ sales very interesting: In European terms, this figure is likely to be nudging 1.5 million, while US figures could well be in the same ball-park. To sell over three million copies across the world in its first few days on sale would be a truly […]


As you may have noticed, my posting frequency has not been very high the last couple of months. The reasons for this are obscure. Nevertheless it seemed appropriate, if you are willing to adopt a bizarre sense of logic, to resurrect Jurieland, my old personal blog. Twice the fun, half the coherency. Is this the […]

US Election

The game’s not over yet as I write this, but my hope that the mechanisms of government in the US will correct themselves is starting to look like a long shot. On the other hand, my fear that civil war would erupt also has not come true, so far. Chris Crawford recently asked some questions […]