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I Heart Nintendo

So I've been buying and playing way more games lately - more than the year before, and that was already a record year compared to 2002. And now I find myself playing Paper Mario 2 on the Gamecube at home, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on GBA on the way to and from work, and Legend of Zelda: Four Swords on Gamecube and GBA with Tobe during our lunch break. Before I was playing Minish Cap, I played Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga.

Each of these games is insanely great in many different ways. I'd write more, but I'm at home and therefore I must play Paper Mario 2.

Meanwhile, Halo 2 and GTA: San Andreas are gathering dust. And Metroid Prime 2 is shipping soon. And so, hopefully, is my Nintendo DS...

Update: *sound of screeching tires* Tobe and I may have discovered a deadlock in Zelda: Four Swords. Our investigation continues. My order of Mario Golf, Mario Tennis and Donkey Conga is pending.

Update update: We've found the solution, although it looks like there's still a potential deadlock. (Curse all those single-player walkthroughs.)