Monthly Archives November 2004

Katamari Damacy sequel in development

According to Eurogamer, a Katamari Damacy sequel is in development. Yay! If only I could play my Japanese import at home. Or the US version. Or any version.


This is not about interactive entertainment, but about art in general: an excellent article from The New Yorker about the ethics of plagiarism and intellectual property. (Via Neil Gaiman’s journal.)

I Heart Nintendo

So I’ve been buying and playing way more games lately – more than the year before, and that was already a record year compared to 2002. And now I find myself playing Paper Mario 2 on the Gamecube at home, Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on GBA on the way to and from work, […]


Remember Dogz, Catz, and all the other games in the Petz series? Grand Text Auto‘s Andrew Stern worked on this back when it was developed by PF Magic. Now it’s made by Ubisoft. Nintendo is making a game that seems very similar for the Nintendo DS called Nintendogs, aka Puppy Times. Check out the in-game […]

Failed cocktail robots

Happening now: Roböxotica 2004 // Festival for Cocktail-Robotics, organized by Viennese cyber-art thang Monochrom. What?

Ubisoft’s Sprung for the Nintendo DS

I just noticed that one of Ubisoft’s three Nintendo DS titles is Sprung, “the game where everyone scores”, the game with “double the love”. Yes, it’s a dating sim.

Bad stress, part two

In May and June of this year I stopped posting regularly to this weblog, apart from the occasional indicator that I was still alive. Finally, in June, I wrote a post about bad stress that explained what had been going on. Somewhere around mid-August, my posting frequency dropped again, and it hasn’t picked up much […]

The Final Hours of Half-Life 2

Gamespot published an article on the Final Hours of Half-Life 2. Reading now, commentary later.

Rockstar Games exposure

Rockstar Games is everywhere :) Satan’s Laundromat is one of my favorite photoblogs.

The Incredibles, Polar Express, the Uncanny Valley, Pixar

I’ve stumbled across a little cluster of blog posts and news items about The Incredibles, the latest Pixar movie and Polar Express, the latest Warner Bros movie, starring Tom Hanks in something like five roles. Both of them have come out at pretty much the same time, both of them are fully animated using computer […]