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In the news

Once again, Rockstar Games is in the news, this time over Manhunt.

I am adding to this post as the story develops.

Thad has collected the initial links to the recent uproar over Manhunt in the British Press.

Update: Slashdot Games has reported on this issue. The report includes links to Blue's News, which in turn links to MCV UK. I will assume you can trace the links by yourself if you want to, so I will just quote the interesting plot twist from MCV:

The story of the “Manhunt” murder case took another twist with the revelation that the game was present in the victim’s home, not the killer’s.

Narinder Pooni, media services officer for Leicestershire Police, told MCV: “Apparently the game was found but it was in Stefan Pakeerah’s bedroom.”

Pakeerah was murdered by his friend Warren Leblanc in February.

While this fact does not in itself undermine the allegation made by Pakeerah’s mother and the Daily Mail that Leblanc was influenced by Manhunt, it does make the issue more complex. It also raises questions such as whether the 14 year old victim owned the game. And if so, who bought it for him?

As for the link between Manhunt and the crime, the police are clear. Pooni said: “We haven’t connected the game with the murder and we’ve already made that statement, but some sections of the media chose to ignore it…the motive was robbery.”