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Dana is from San Francisco. Dana runs a simple website about honey called I Love Bees. I Love Bees has been hacked by something strange. Something that is counting down to "wide awake and physical". Dana doesn't know what to do, according to her blog.

Other people are keeping a very close eye on Dana's metastasizing website.

One of those people is Tycho from Penny Arcade:

ILB hit big on the Game News radar when the first revelations were made, and I haven't seen much on it since - but revelations like those and the subsequent processing of the missives happens virtually every day at the NetNinja Wiki. They seize on each snip of dialogue, gumming the out of context fragments together into monologues of startling clarity - then, going to a greater level of magnification, they add context and speculation to their reconstituted script. These messages are sometimes in plaintext in the source of the page, and sometimes ferreted away inside an image. More recently, odd sound files have become available that appear to represent the discovery or construction of a voice. My favorite page yet has got to be this one - where haikus drawn from elsewhere on the site are synchronized with what looks like raw log output from working processes into an oddly compelling narrative.
He thinks I Love Bees is a very convoluted and coded way to tell a story.
[...] a story about a military artificial intelligence from the Halo/Marathon universe that resides on the I Love Bees server, infected by rogue and more than possibly Covenant software.
See also this earlier post about hoaxes and this one about world-building.