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Dana is from San Francisco. Dana runs a simple website about honey called I Love Bees. I Love Bees has been hacked by something strange. Something that is counting down to “wide awake and physical”. Dana doesn’t know what to do, according to her blog. Other people are keeping a very close eye on Dana’s […]

Warner buys Monolith

Read all about it. See also the earlier blog post. (Thanks, Tobi)

Best Doom 3 mod ever

Now I can play Doom 3 in style… with Hello Kitty flashlight mod. Technically, it’s a mod of a mod… Hello Kitty is a parasite, living a symbiotic lifestyle in a Martian hell. (Thanks, Kirsten.)

The end of Britsoft

MCV UK laments the end of Britsoft: With Eidos for sale, Codemasters for sale, Criterion bought and Argonaut in financial crisis, it’s not just the media frenzy surrounding Manhunt that should be giving the market pause for thought this week. From a content creation and ownership perspective, the UK industry is faced with the harsh […]

Doom 3

Well, Doom 3 is out. The reviews appear to be positive.

Game rumors

Why comb through the news feeds when you can get all your game rumors right here? Brought to you by the people who made I consider the latter site more entertaining, and about equally useful. (Thanks, Sid.)


So is there really a vaguely titillating object in Max Payne 2?

In the news

Once again, Rockstar Games is in the news, this time over Manhunt. I am adding to this post as the story develops.