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Boy inspires cancer video games

A nine-year-old boy with leukaemia has inspired a video game to help children understand and deal with cancer. Read about it here.

Being a cynical old grouch in some ways, it's not often that I call something moving and inspiring. But I find this moving and inspiring. It's not the only positive general news item on games, but it's just a really nice counterweight to all of the headlines a la "Toddler kills five after having licked videogame packaging" or "Fanatical organisation makes violent propaganda game" or "Another crap product released with no redeeming values whatsoever".

I have only read the description. Although it appears to be a simple action game, the design sounds like a fairly sophisticated interpretation of what it's like to have cancer. I especially like

Attitude — (from home) Possibly the most important component of health. The electric barriers are called Setbacks, and when you hit them, your attitude will go down.

The game itself and more information about it can be found here.