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Game over, Buddhist monk

The Pratimoksha, the Buddhist monastic vows, have been revised, and now have something to say about video games.

The development of technology has penetrated the monastic world. Corruption in different monastic orders, both Buddhist and non-Buddhist, is evident in many places. A revised Pratimoksha is urgently needed to deal with this situation. Cars, computers, television, electronic games and the internet all figure within the 250 precepts of the Revised Pratimoksha.
When I was in Thailand, I saw Buddhist monks use the internet and mobile phones and such. Is this a problem? Why? Is there only one Pratimoksha? To which branches of Buddhism does this apply? Who is doing the revision? What is their authority based on?

How does this fit together with the fact that hard drives can be used as prayer wheels?

I like Buddhism, but more the Zen kind. I don't think this will affect my life much.

I forgot where I got this from.