Monthly Archives June 2004

Dutch games

Historically, the Netherlands is not known for game development. The reason why I packed my bags for foreign climes (Germany) in 1991 was that there were no serious game development companies in Holland at the time. But by now, things have changed.

Chance encounter

Last Saturday I went to have lunch with a friend on the terrace of a (literally) small cafe here in Vienna. Because of a nearby wedding, there were a lot of people around and the place was full. At some point two German tourists joined us at our table. After about half an hour or […]

Sex and violence

The saying goes that in the US, you can show someone cutting off a breast, but you can’t show someone caressing one. I have seen several cases where the artwork for European games had to be made more war-like for distribution in the US. I also know of one very interesting case of sex, or […]

Pro gamer equipment

What with professional gaming growing bigger every day, it’s hardly surprising that equipment manufacturers are following. For instance, are you using the right mouse pad? Or the right mouse skates? (I hadn’t even heard of those things until a week ago.) It’s a good thing that there are mouse pads for everyone.

Anti war protest

I just looked at the website for Gunner Palace, an unfinished documentary about US soldiers stationed in Iraq. Mike Tucker, the filmmaker, spent several months with units in Baghdad. He describes the making of the documentary on the website: The purpose of my visit was to embed myself with a unit for as long as […]

Some more news on women in games

When I met roBin at the GDC this year, one of the quirky things she did was steal one of the bizarre Microsoft stand-up thingies from the lounge bar (the ones that look like the absurdly shaped and dressed woman from the Noir XNA demo) and claim she would use it as an award for […]

Video game culture vs mainstream culture

Society is still working the kinks out of the integration of video game culture and mainstream culture, and I’m not talking about Ray Davies.

Game over, Buddhist monk

The Pratimoksha, the Buddhist monastic vows, have been revised, and now have something to say about video games.

New look

I changed the look of the site a bit. The most obvious change is the color scheme. Feedback is welcome. (Graphical help as well, although I like these colors ;) Oh yeah, if the site looks sorta kinda like it did before: hit refresh, your browser may be caching the stylesheets or something.

Bad stress

People who regularly read this blog, or should I say, people who regularly drop by to see if I’ve updated this blog, will have noticed my greatly reduced posting frequency of late. This is the first post in June. In May, I have posted five times, twice only to reassure my dwindling audience that I […]