Monthly Archives May 2004

Game censorship in China

Slashdot Games reports on Hearts of Iron, a World War 2 strategy game getting in trouble with Chinese authorities for (among other things): “Manchuria”, “West Xinjiang”, and “Tibet” appeared as independent sovereign countries in the maps of the game. In addition, it even included China’s Taiwan province as the territory of Japan at the beginning […]

Trouble at Ion Storm

From Shacknews: “Multiple sources tell us that all is not well at Deus Ex & Thief 3 developer ION Storm. Apparently some 20 – 25 people have been laid off at the Eidos owned Austin based developer. That’s not all though as Warren Spector is said to be leaving the company as well. If we […]


Yes, I have not updated in a while. No, writing this does not count as an update. I am, in fact, alive. In related news: I am changing my internet provider, which also involves moving my site to another web server. This may lead to outages. I apologise in advance. Update: No, wait. This site […]

Reinventing the camera

In which Jurie uses a quote from Isabella Rossellini as an excuse to attack a position on game development that no specific person actually has. Unsurprisingly, Jurie trounces his imaginary enemy by dissecting his conveniently flawed arguments. The potential reader, who may doubt the use of reading about such a narcissistic scuffle, can take relief in knowing that edifying points about game development and the games industry do pop up as byproducts.

Sex in games

Chi Kong Lui has written an article over at on sex in games. That is, actual intercourse, not just mere sexiness or what not. He excludes non-mainstream games, although the boundary is vague. Of course I immediately thought of some titles not mentioned, and they are all games Rockstar Vienna was involved in somehow […]


I am, in fact, still alive, although very busy. Many interesting things are going on without being commented by me. And yet… life goes on. Personal note: I bought a new iBook G4 to replace my iBook G3. It looks identical, but is faster. Such is geekdom.