Monthly Archives April 2004

GDC 2004: Plus ca change

The great Steve Meretzky sent around the following observation on this year’s GDC: As I was filing my GDC materials from this year, I was looking through some of the old GDC (or, more accurately, CGDC) materials. I was struck by how similar so many of this year’s sessions were to the sessions from 15 […]

Back from GDC 2004

Well, I’m back from GDC. I had a monster meeting on monday and tuesday and then spent the rest of the week doing the follow-up of that meeting, starting a small side-project I am also producing, catching up with everything that has happened (or not happened) in the last week and a half, and recovering […]

Of little men

Thad’s little men have done it again. And this time I didn’t scoop him on his own pictures. This is not about victory in an RTS, but rather some good personal news for old Thad. Congratulations, man. Now excuse me while I go adjust the schedule of my current project.