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Harvey and Randy Smith leave Ion Storm Austin

Harvey is one of the people I saw a couple of times at this year's GDC, and figured I'd say hello to when we weren't both running around, and then that never happened. I actually sat next to Randy for some time at GDC but didn't recognise him the first ten minutes or so. So it goes.

Here is an interview with Harvey over at Gamespy, and here is one with Gamespot. What's nice about the interviews is how much he talks about the relationship between being an effective, creative person, and being a well-rounded person. Lame as it may sound, this is one reason why I occasionally post things here which are not directly related to games.

I can't find much word on what Randy is doing now, apart from the rants of irate Thief fans, but his departure seems to have been less than amicable. Again, so it goes. I wish all of them good luck.