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IGDA news

The Vienna chapter of the IGDA has recently been revived (and the site has been totally revamped too). Tomorrow is the first chapter meeting in over a year. It should be pretty cool. I will be talking about the Imagina 2004, i.e. reusing all the stuff I started writing for my blog. I will publish it here later. First I need to put it into some kind of decent shape. Oh well, nothing like the night before to prepare for something.

I also just noticed that there are finally some IGDA chapters in Germany. This has taken a really long time. There was the USF, but they haven't done much the last couple of years. Last year, Aruba Studios started organising the Quo Vadis events, and a developers' conference in Leipzig. Other things have been going on on regional and national levels. The lack of initiative that I complained about at the end of 2002, especially compared to what's going on in France, seems to have changed.

So now there's a Hamburg chapter and a Frankfurt chapter. The latter is organised by Jochen Hamma, who used to work at Attic Software, on the DSA (aka Realms of Arkania) games. Good luck!