Monthly Archives March 2004

Pics from GDC 2004

Scoop! You can find pictures from the GDC here. They were all taken by Thad. We’re both sitting here in our hotel room using the free WLAN network provided by some unknown person somewhere else. Thad went to a great amount of trouble to publish these pics and is now going to a great amount […]

Live from GDC 2004

Well, here I am at the GDC in San Jose. I arrived last thursday and hung out around the Bay Area with some friends. I shopped until I dropped and saw some great sights. Now it’s the first day of the conference and things are already pretty hectic. But I have met a lot of […]

Third IGDA Vienna chapter meeting

The IGDA Vienna chapter meeting took place earlier tonight. There were a LOT of people – so much that the room was too small and humid and warm and noisy. In other words: a nice problem to have ;) My presentation went pretty well except for some technical issues with PowerPoint and the fact that […]

IGDA news

The Vienna chapter of the IGDA has recently been revived (and the site has been totally revamped too). Tomorrow is the first chapter meeting in over a year. It should be pretty cool. I will be talking about the Imagina 2004, i.e. reusing all the stuff I started writing for my blog. I will publish […]

More pictures from the Imagina 2004

This time they’re not mine, they’re Robin’s. You can look at them here. You can see Monaco, and Dan Scherlis, Doug Church, Jez San, Robin herself, and the lovely Mathilde Remy. Which reminds me that I should add the rest of my pictures and finish my comments. Work work work. And which also reminds me […]

Nintendo DS news

Well, allegedly, Nintendo DS specs have been leaked. The juicy bits: 3D acceleration, touch screen, wireless LAN. My immediate thoughts: 3D acceleration makes sense. It differentiates the DS from the GBA, allows people to re-issue some new old games (Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 handheld?), and, no matter how good Nintendo is at squeezing […]

Game blog update

There have been some changes in the game blog world recently. Jamie Fristrom has mutated GameDevLeague into GameDevBlog, using TypePad, just like me. Tobias Mayr, who was the lead designer on GTA: Vice City on the Xbox, is blogging about games again. He’s using iBlog. I heard him curse a lot while he was figuring […]

Upping the controversy

Midway is testing the limits in NARC, the remake of their arcade hit from the 90s. In short, you are a cop on the narc squad, but you can sell the drugs you capture, and even use them yourselves. Partially it sounds clever, partially it sounds like courting controversy for the sake of it, much […]