Monthly Archives February 2004

Barbie OS

While I am working and having a life and not writing new entries even though there is so much to write about: here is an (unverified) article about Mattel’s Barbie-themed Linux distribution I just snagged from BoingBoing.

Pictures from the Imagina 2004

Look at the crappy pictures I took with my mobile phone here. Few descriptions – you’ll have to guess what is going on :) It does contain barely readable pictures of the super-secret slides of Kevin Bacchus’ “Rise and Fall of Capital Entertainment Group” lecture. Update: I have added some more pictures and some comments.

Live update from Imagina 2004

Alright, I finally have some net access. I can’t send emails, and my browser goes to the Imagina homepage every five minutes or so, but hey. Monaco is great. I haven’t been in France for over two years, and not to the Cote d’Azur since I was a teenager. It’s great to be somewhere where […]