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Top Ten Independent Games of 2003

I recently read this Game Tunnel article listing their top ten independent games of 2003, and I was very disappointed. Most of the games appear to be shoot-em-ups, and they are lauded for having good production values - in other words, for being like commercial games. This is all very honorable, and I'm sure these games are fun and well made, but I must admit to secretly harboring the hope that someone is going to make some kick-ass indie games one of these days that really explore some new directions. Which lets me off the hook for not doing the same thing in a commercial context.

Of course there is no good reason why the independent game community should give the slightest damn about my wishes, but... a man can dream.

Meanwhile, Grand Text Auto compared this top ten with the recent Independent Game Festival winners, and noted that the IGF judges seem to have a greater liking for different and innovative games.