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Breaking suspension of disbelief

I find that I use the term “breaking suspension of disbelief” a lot when I write about design, because I think suspension of disbelief is one of the bedrock principles of interactive entertainment, especially the story-based kind I’m interested in. Every once in a while I get really, really annoyed by the fact that I […]

Grand Text Auto

An embarrassingly long time ago, I discovered the existence of a site called Grand Text Auto. I bookmarked it so that I could look at it in more detail. A somewhat less embarrassing interval ago, Grand Text Auto discovered me, and wrote some nice words about my site. I then noticed that one of the […]

Content to watch out for

Slashdot Games pointed me towards this CNN money article, about how an imaginary URL featured in a level in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six 3 was bought by someone in Texas, who promptly put up a porn site. That’s right, a top selling game contains an unintentional ad for a porn site. It’s getting more and more […]

Unrelated items of interest

Here are some beautiful and / or weird things I have come across lately. They have practically no direct relationship to games, but I think it is important to be open to impressions from everywhere, to be a well-rounded person. The Absolute Elsewhere is a marvelous catalogue of fantastic, visionary, and esoteric literature. White Vibes […]

Child’s Play

This is not actually piping hot news, and I just said I wanted to spend less time talking about things you can easily find on your own, but I just found out a little more about Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play initiative, and I think it is a Good Thing, and worth mentioning. Here’s the deal. […]


Punctuality is not one of my strong points. However, even though I’m a couple of weeks late, I am happy to announce that this site is now over one year old. The first post was on December 19th 2002, which makes this one of the oldest industry blogs out there. For what that’s worth. In […]

Happy New Year

May you play or, better, make great games in 2004.