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Inside Rockstar Vienna shock horror

Yesterday we had a lot of press people in the office, a very rare occurrence. I am by now so conditioned to the extreme secrecy and confidentiality here that having a bunch of strangers in our project room stressed me out, and I had to leave.

(A little anecdote: Last year we asked a company to provide us with plants. They sent someone to have a look at our office. However, we were crunching pretty hard at that time. Letting her into our project room would have meant hiding everything that could have given a clue to what we were working on. This would have been stressful and taken at least half an hour. We refused to let her through the door. We still don't have plants in our office...)

Futurezone, an Austrian website that is part of ORF, the public television company here in Austria, posted an article (in German) about their visit. It's not too awful. The pictures of the desk, after the picture of the deodorant? That's my desk. My desk is famous. In Austria.

Update: has also published their article. There's one in the print edition as well, but I haven't read it. The Krone Zeitung is apparently the newspaper with the highest saturation rate in the world, i.e. relative to the size of the population, more Austrians read Krone Zeitung than any other nation reads any other newspaper. They do it by squarely aiming for the lowest common denominator. It is quite similar to The Sun and other charming British newspapers.

If you look at the slide show (click on "Bilder"), I'm the guy in the second picture. The pale one, not the bronzed god in the background, that's Clemens.