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Punctuality is not one of my strong points. However, even though I'm a couple of weeks late, I am happy to announce that this site is now over one year old. The first post was on December 19th 2002, which makes this one of the oldest industry blogs out there. For what that's worth.

In a recent email discussion with other game bloggers, I summed up my reasons for working on my blog:

  • A more efficient way for me to distribute interesting links on game-related subjects to my friends. This has worked out very well.
  • A way for me to write on a regular basis. This has worked out very well.
  • A forum for me to formulate my thoughts on game design and development. I am a big believer in learning by teaching: expressing my thoughts makes me learn. And through feedback, I learn from others.

This last point has worked out OK. The blog allows me to avoid the disadvantages of online discussions (which I still enjoy). I also don't have to convince anyone to publish something I've written or adapt it to someone's requirements.

However, I don't write the longer, deeper posts as much as I would like (which is why Greg's blog always depresses me ;), and I am afraid the more substantial posts sometimes get lost between the fluff. So this is my major challenge for the blog. The fact that I mention this at the start of 2004 is a coincidence.

What do you like, or not like, about this blog? What kind of posts would you like to see more or less of?