Monthly Archives December 2003

The whole Vice City “racism” thing

Well, a lot has happened regarding this issue since I last talked about it. Rockstar Games announced they were going to remove the offending material. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg got involved. Haitin-Americans have filed a lawsuit. Florida legislators demanded the game be banned. The State of Florida announced they wanted to investigate Grand Theft […]

Fight Club

Vivendi is making a game based on Fight Club. It’s – wait for it – a fighting game. Because we all know fighting was what Fight Club was really all about. Perhaps there will be a level set in a Fürni catalog? With fully destructable furniture? Coming soon: Citizen Kane – the newspaper tycoon sim. […]

Two games with Teddy

You may have heard of the very cool and intuitive 3D modeling application Teddy – it’s been around for a while. It was developed by Takeo Igarashi, and by now he has developed a more advanced version, called SmoothTeddy (which, alas, does not run on the Mac). Kokoro reports that there are two console games […]

Music for games

I just discovered, a site entirely dedicated to, ah, music for games. Sadly, the “About Us” doesn’t say anything about “them”, just about their lawyers. Still, sorta kinda interesting, and good to see specialized sites like this popping up.

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

I am a big fan of Masamune Shirow’s comics – Orion, Appleseed, and especially Ghost In The Shell. I am also a big fan of Mamoru Oshii, director of movies such as Angel’s Egg, Patlabor 1 and 2. He is also the director of the Ghost In The Shell animated movie – one of the […]

Merry Christmas

My cold, which started last week, got dramatically worse last night. Today, I had to cancel a nice dinner with a friend that I was looking forward to. This has nothing to do with games, but may help to explain my reduced posting frequency.

Fun with Mary Sue

Theresa Nielsen Hayden has written an enormous blog post about the Mary Sue story. To quote the exact definition: MARY SUE (n.): 1. A variety of story, first identified in the fan fiction community, but quickly recognized as occurring elsewhere, in which normal story values are grossly subordinated to inadequately transformed personal wish-fulfillment fantasies, often […]

An interview with Will Wright

Gamespot has published an interview with Will Wright. It is chock-full of good insights, as is to be expected from someone who summed up 70 years of science in one hour at this year’s GDC. Among the many gems: GS: What do read into the people choosing to be bad? How do the two–good and […]

An interview with Walter Murch

Editing is perhaps the aspect of moviemaking that is the most alien to interactive entertainment, at least the way it is currently being made. Outside of non-interactive sequences, the cut is simply not used. It is one of the principal tools of the moviemaker to evoke emotions, but it is also associated with authorial control […]


I am, in fact, not dead. Although I do have a cold. Some random stuff to prove I am at least physically present: Thad exposes the truth behind the PS3 concept graphic that can be found on many respectable sites. How to use a hacked Xbox as a media center. Have you ever come across […]