Monthly Archives November 2003

Japanese developers speak out

Gamespot has some reports on TIGRAF, the Tokyo International Computer Graphics Festival, held in Tokyo last week. Here you can read what some top Japanese developers have to say about computer graphics and game development. As the Japanese development scene remains pretty opaque for Western developers, this makes for interesting reading. They talk about how […]

Disney goes digital

Disney is abandoning traditional 2D animation and moving to 3D in quite a radical way. Specifically, in a not-very-gentle-to-talented-2D-animators way. (I blogged about this a while back.)

A game journalist on the current state of game criticism

Greg Kasavin has written an editorial about the Wall Street Journal article that I mentioned before (and that caused quite a discussion over at Game Girl Advance – even if some of it is about copyright law and not about criticism).

Death to the interactive bourgeoisie!

Gamespot has posted a discussion with an anonymous developer from the UK, commenting on the string of British studios that have closed recently (i.e. Mucky Foot, Lost Toys, Computer Artworks, Silicon Dreams, Attention to Detail and HotGen). I thought this was interesting: Why is this happening in the UK? You don’t hear about this many […]

Breaking the fourth wall

Over at Gamedevleague, Jamie has written a post about games breaking the fourth wall, and how it tends to spoil his experience. (Breaking the fourth wall is a term from theater. The actors can pretend there is a fourth, invisible wall between them and the audience, or they can ‘break’ it by talking directly to […]

Controller meta-game

Gizmodo mentions an intriguing new controller gimmick: Gamester has a line of game controllers called the Clash Pads that let you deliberately interfere with and take over your opponent’s controller. Multiplayer Metal Gear Solid? Once you start messing with controllers, there are many things you could do. However, I think it will remain a gimmick.

Random links

I tend to accumulate more links than I can post. Here is some stuff I found while cleaning out my attic: A sure sign that we have successfully infiltrated mainstream culture is that people are asking: Who is the sexiest gamer in the US? Soon, comrades, we can finally cease the pretense and start making […]

Blizzard overseas merchandise

Many games have been successful enough to have spawned merchandise articles. But Blizzard ‘s overseas merchandise beats everything else hands down. Learn English using quotes from Starcraft! Eat Warcraft III cheetos! Read a book explaining the socio-economic impact of Starcraft on South Korea! I shudder to think of the “new Korean management philosophies and strategies […]

Orson Welles’ Batman

If you work in the games industry and you want to try and help make the medium become more sophisticated, you are likely to run into the problem of how to create intelligent work within the constraints of established genres and commercial viability. Luckily, this is a problem which other creative people in other industries […]

I know kung-fu

I wrote the previous post using a tool called Kung-Log, written by a fellow Dutch person. It allows me to write blog posts in an application instead of a browser. Which gives me advanced functionality such as, ah, undo (which Safari’s text editing field does not provide), but more amazingly, HTML shortcuts, meaning I never […]