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GTA Double Pack Xbox review

IGN has a review of the GTA Double Pack for Xbox. Interestingly, the obligatory-ad-you-must-see-before-the-review was for... the GTA Double Pack for Xbox.

Other than that, the under-the-breath comments from Tommy Vercetti in Vice City and from all the non-playable-characters in both games sound crisp and clear and will be coming from the appropriate direction so the immersion is definitely there. Likewise, the voice acting remains top-notch and is one of the strongest elements of the game.

Our final deadline for our final submission was on a Wednesday. We had to come in on a Thursday to fix some more stuff. Then we had to come in on a Friday to fix those pedestrian comments (in Vice City). So I'm glad somebody is taking note that they sound crisp and clear and are coming from the appropriate direction.

It's interesting to read what people think we changed: it doesn't always correspond to what we did. But it's nice to see Rockstar Vienna mentioned on a regular basis.

We're currently at number 16 (12 yesterday) in the sales charts (for all products, not just games). There's a lot of buzz for these games.