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Whatever happened to Deus Ex 2?

I recently wondered what was happening with Deus Ex 2. Back in the day, there was a preview every other week on the net somewhere, but I haven't seen anything in the last few months.

I just found out that the official website has launched. And I just found out the official tagline of the game: "The Future War On Terror". My interest in the game just dropped by about a mile. It sounds suspiciously like the truckload of games that have come out of the US in the last two years that have used the current geopolitical situation, the political situation in the US, and/or the United States' military interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq as a cool setting for a computer game. This has always left a bad taste in my mouth. It reeks of shallow exploitation of current affairs, without any attempt to examine other sides of the issues. This is my gut reaction, and obviously dependent on my political beliefs. But still.

Here's hoping DX2 will still be a cool game, and that my worst fears about that tagline will prove to be unfounded.