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Some random links

While writing the earlier post about violent RPGs, I came across a few items not directly related to the topic, but still worth mentioning:

  • Here's how your actions affect your virtues in Ultima IV. Quite sophisticated. I don't know of any current game that evaluates actions to this degree.

  • Some people are remaking Ultima IV. They're not quite there yet, but this will beat finding a DOS emulator for OS X.

  • Other people are remaking Ultima VII. This is cool too. I own these games, but even if I could emulate DOS, I blanch at the thought of trying to get Origin's memory manager to run. (Update: actually, this will be a rewritten engine that uses the original assets, not a full remake.)

  • If you can run DOS, well, why not download the original Ultima IV (at the bottom of the page). Apparently Origin allowed for it to be distributed.

  • If you liked the idea of a farming RPG, how about Legend of the River King, a fishing RPG?