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Show the monkeys who's boss

OK, so monkeys can move robotic arms using their mind powers. Already, mankind is starting to fight back. Wired reports on "Journey to Wild Divine, a new computer game designed with help from a biomedical engineer and an ex-Tibetan monk" (would that be ex-Tibetan or ex-monk?).

It's a game using biofeedback as an input device. The official website says:

"Coming in mid-November at the introductory price of $129.95, The Journey to Wild Divine is the first in a series of "Inner Active" multi-media, computer adventures from the Wild Divine Project. It offers hours of imaginative entertainment and mind/body mastery. The spiritual power of this mythical journey is unlike anything you've ever seen on a computer. So relax and prepare yourself for the Wild Divine."

(I feel the pain of the person who tried to instill excitement about a product that is meant to be relaxing. "THRILL!! At the soothing music!! GASP!! As non-confrontational entities float in your general direction!")

So it seems to be kind of like Steel Batallion, except with New Age balloons instead of huge battle mechs.

Still, new input devices are cool. And sampling body signal below ordinary conscious control is very cool. It reminds me of Char Davies' Osmose.