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Non-violent RPGs

There’s a very interesting post over at Tea Leaves about how RPGs are about leveling up, and how leveling up practically always requires combat. This reminds me of a pervasive problem in games: a disconnect between a game’s fiction (what it’s trying to make you believe) and it’s mechanics (what it’s allowing, and encouraging, you […]

Mark Barrett on producers

Mark Barrett, writer-designer extraordinaire and good friend, has written a new essay. (Sadly, due to the structure of his site, it is not possible to link directly to it. The essay in question, “The Producers”, may no longer be up at the top when you click this. Scroll down, or look in the archives.) Mark […]

Dialogue systems in KOTOR and beyond

Some basic design questions Designing a game means solving a problem with many, many variables. It invariably involves making tradeoffs. The hard part is making those tradeoffs well. To do this, you need to have your priorities straight. I’ve been playing BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic (aka KOTOR) the last few days, and while […]

GTA parody

There are many Grand Theft Auto parodies out there. Here’s one of them.

World Cyber Games 2003

The World Cyber Games 2003 took place in Seoul last weekend. The Netherlands got 4th place overall, after Germany, China and Korea. Kazakhstan got a silver medal in Starcraft.


I just ran across GameTab, a site collecting game news and reviews from all over the web. My favorite site along these lines is Game Rankings, which does not contain that much general gaming news, but is great for quick and dirty market research.


Last night, a non-gamer friend of me asked me what were the reasons for making violent games. I was stumped – partially, I admit, because I had previously drunk a bottle of wine. I could think of reasons why it’s wrong to force people not to make violent games. I could think of why it […]

Good news, everyone

GTA3 and GTA:Vice City for the Xbox have passed final submission. This means the whole team can finally sleep normally without dreading that someone finds some new problem which we have to come in to fix. Yay!

More on romance

Jane Pinckard has written a new entry on Game Girl Advance about what she finds sexy about male characters in video games. It has some interesting comments, and references an earlier entry about something approaching romantic entanglements in BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic, aka KOTOR. I am currently playing KOTOR myself, but a description […]

Ask Edward Tufte

Edward Tufte is the writer of such classic books as The Visual Display of Quantitive Information. He has become justifiably known for writing very lucidly on how, and how not, to present information visually. I was sitting in a bar with a co-worker when we started talking about graphs. I asked him: “Do you know […]