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And it's about time I write something about Thaddaeus Frogley, who joined Rockstar Vienna as lead programmer on GTA3 Xbox in June. He is a very nice guy, a very talented programmer, and his personal website is even more spartan than mine and contains much more high-tech things too. He worked for Mythos Games, the company that did the UFO games (or X-Com depending on where you live). How cool is that?

He has an online diary over at Kuro5hin, where he reveals much more about daily life at R*V (as we like to call ourselves) than me. You can also read about some of Thad's hobbies, such as encouraging friends to make out with pretty "girls", and debating the finer points of Max 2 trailers.

Occasionally he links to my blog, and then people who read his diary come over to my site, and I get a warm feeling because of the sudden influx of visitors.