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Ever heard of Henk Nieborg?

This is the question asked by Jason Scott, the current guest blogger on BoingBoing.

Yes, I know Henk. I worked with him at Thalion Software in the early nineties. He was there together with Erwin Kloibhofer to work on Lionheart, one of the best jump and runs ever on the Commodore Amiga (alright, so I am biased, but some people agree). I even shared an appartment with them for about a year in a small little town outside of the slightly less small little town which happened to be the centre of German game development (Guetersloh, I'm not kidding, every game company had an office there at some point). All the people there were two kids two cars kind of people. Except us.

They went off to develop Flink and Lomax for Psygnosis. Then Henk moved back to Holland and Erwin went back to Vienna. (Now I'm here in Vienna as well, working in the same company as Erwin again. It's a small world.) Henk is one of the fastest and most talented 2D artists I've ever seen. How many people do you know who can drive a rotating, complex object in less than a day? Or any of Lionheart's complicated animations? He's also a genuinely nice guy. He has his own website where you can see the quality of his work.

Seeing him mentioned in this blog entry reminds me I haven't talked to him for a long time.