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What’s wrong? Jurie had four days – four whole days – off work after months of crunching… and? No. Updates. What’s wrong with this guy? He must have dozens of cool items stashed away. Pictures at eleven.

The Shocking Truth… Revealed!

I’m finally allowed to talk about it: the game I’ve been working on ever since April is the Xbox port of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It’s a double project, together with the Xbox port of Grand Theft Auto III. This means that we have two sets of leads (including two project managers, I’m the […]

Yawn, part 3: Dawn of the Yawn

Once again I am in the office while we are all crunching, trying to hit our next milestone. I may be here for a while yet. In the mean time, here are some news items I just saw on Slashdot that might tickle your fancy: A Brief History of Pen & Paper Roleplaying, over at […]