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Sega names new HitMaker president

I thought the following news item from, which I am here shamelessly quoting in its entirety, was quite interesting:

"Virtua Tennis producer takes over studio lead role

Following the promotion of Hisao Oguchi to president of Sega earlier this week, the company has named his replacement at the HitMaker studio - Virtua Tennis producer Mie Kumagai, who becomes Sega's first female studio president.

In fact, Kumagai-san will be the first female president of any Japanese game development studio, according to a Sega spokesperson. She has worked with Sega since 1993, with her work on the Virtua Tennis series drawing considerable praise.

The Japanese game development industry is still seen as primarily a male-dominated one, despite the fact that Japanese women play significantly more games than their western counterparts, and that the industry itself employs many female artists and designers."

Industry demographics continue to fascinate me.