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More convergence

A whole bunch of stories about Nokia’s N-Gage from Mobitopia.

Scene from the convergence war

Interview with Ken Kutaragi, the father of Sony’s PS. From KokoRo. The actual interview is in Japanese.

Yawn, part 2

What else am I going to write at 4:30 in the morning, except that Game Players are an Increasingly Diverse Group, Says Poll? Seniors are up, so are adult women. Draw your own conclusions.


While I’m in the office crunching on this amazing title I can’t tell you about yet, may I point you to a number of news items I scammed off Slashdot Games? Will the ballooning costs of developing next-next gen games crush small developers? Hardly a new topic for developers, but it remains interesting. The rise […]

Troubles at Disney Animation

I found this article about the end of 2D animation at Disney through BoingBoing. I have a couple of reasons for posting this here instead of my more general interest blog, Jurieland: I think animation is closer to games than live action – everything is artificial, just like in games. It’s interesting to watch industries […]

Robot battlers!

“Japanese engineer has a great passion and also love to a robot. ROBO-ONE, the combat sports of Robt, attracted very powerful robot. I’m rellay impressed by movements of various robots. They are never industrial but purely sophisticated for fight. This fact touches my heart.” There are no clichés. Check it out here – it has […]

CNN/Money interviews John Carmack at QuakeCon

CNN/Money interviewed id Software wizard John Carmack at the recently completed QuakeCon. He talks about simplicity in games, projects after Doom 3, and space flight. Memorable quote: “To simplify a game, you have to not listen to your customers,” he said. “They know your product and really know what they want to add to it. […]

Depressing Thought For The Day

For as long as I have been interested in game design, I have also been interested in writing about game design, as a way to clarify my thoughts on to impress the ladies. This blog is just another way for me to try and express what I’ve learned. But writing a coherent mini-essay on a […]

Games Convention 2003 in Leipzig

The Games Convention in Leipzig starts tomorrow. It looks like a pretty big deal, with cultural events, booth babes (with their own website sponsored by Eidos), parties, world premieres, awards ceremonies, professional gaming competitions, TV shows, raffles, etc. Everything a show needs to become another E3. There’s even a developers conference, and many friends and […]


Well, the news is out about Manhunt, the new game by Rockstar North. Even though I work for Rockstar, I hadn’t heard anything about what the game was about until the first previews came out a few weeks ago. “The hero — or, at any rate, the playable character — is James Earl Cash, a […]