Monthly Archives July 2003

Cut out the middleman

From Kokoro, via BoingBoing: a video game (a Square Enix Dragon Quest title no less) that consists of a sword – the input device – and a small gadget you plug into your TV. No console involved. Weird input devices are cool. I wonder if this device will be repurposed like the Nintendo PowerGlove. I […]

Dungeons and Dreamers

Brad King and John Borland have written a book about the communities surrounding gaming. It is accompanied by a web site which also contains a nice gaming blog. (From BoingBoing.) Update: Xeni Jardin wrote some more about this over at BoingBoing.

Jesper Juul’s blog

I haven’t mentioned any of the more academic gaming blogs here much, mainly because I’m still in two minds of what I think of gaming academia, but perhaps you’re interested in knowing that Jesper Juul, a quite active game academician (and, true to type, from Scandinavia – why is that?), has started a blog.