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Sony comments on mature console game market, challenges for PS

“The number of total shipment of Playstation (PS) and Playstation 2 (PS2) is 97.24M. The market penetration rate is 80% on a stationary game console market. On the other hand the number of software for PS series is 190M. The decrease of million selling titles, unique game titles which is available only for PS and […]

New information on Sony’s PSP

Normally I try to space out my blog entries, but I just noticed this and couldn’t resist… From KoKoRo: Ken Kutaragi reveals PSP specs. The salient bits: two (?) 32 bit CPUs, 8MB memory, 3D sound, Wireless LAN(802.11), IrDA and USB2.0. Prototype at E3 2004. Some more slides from the PlayStation Meeting 2003, including info […]

Amberstar and Ambermoon to be remade as mods

There are only very few people who will be interested in this, or even know what it’s about, but as it happens I am one of those people. A group of people in Germany is trying to remake Amberstar and Ambermoon, the role-playing games for Atari ST and Commodore Amiga that I worked on in […]

Closer and closer integration of gaming and the military

“U.S. Air Forces in Europe has dished out $200,000 to help build 17 online, multiplayer Xbox gaming centers at 14 bases, both large and small, across the continent.” For those upcoming Full Spectrum Warrior sessions perhaps? Is this billed as recreation or training? Read all about it.

Voice in MMOG

Game Girl Advance has an article by Richard A. Bartle on why it is too soon to add real-time voice communication to massive multi-player online games. I’m not incredibly interested in MMOGs or real-time voice, but the article contains a pretty accurate taxonomy of game designers, some good points on immersion, suspension of disbelief, adding […]

A few numbers on the Japanese game market

“Comupter entertainment supplyer’s association published the overview of internal game market. Software market is 336.7 billion yen, -8.6% y/y (=$2.81B) and hardware market is 144.6 billion yen, -32.8% y/y (=$1.21B). Furthermore the population of game player is decreased to 23.6 million (-8.3% y/y). It conludes2.6 million network game users and 6 million keitai game players.” […]

For want of something more substantial

Something Awful, a site that for some reason I just don’t tend to find funny, have written A Day in the Life of a First Person Shooter Protagonist. Once again, the hollow mockery of the interactive entertainment industry is exposed. And if you thought that was funny, try the same thing from the opposite perspective. […]

Witticisms from an imaginary conversation

“A lot of people in the interactive entertainment business understand neither interactivity, nor entertainment, nor business.” “If you can’t argue with success, some day success will argue with you.” Use at will. For more chiasmus, go here.

Note from the management

As at least one dedicated fan has remarked, I have not updated my site in a while. My pathetic excuses are: a friend who came to visit me, a hay fever attack, my current project which is nearing an important deadline (I am writing this from the office). I will try to write some more […]

Life imitating art

US Marines Develop Anti-Civilian Giant Robot.