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Playstation 2 Computational Cluster

Remember all the brouhaha a few years ago, about how rogue states could build nuclear weapons using the what was legally defined as supercomputer-grade hardware in the PS2? Here’s a logical, and thankfully peaceful, application of that idea: the Playstation 2 Computational Cluster.

WarioWare Inc.

WarioWare Inc., or Made In Wario as it’s called in Japan, is a game developed by Nintendo for the GBA. It is also one of the most insane Japanese games I’ve played for a long time, plus it has a highly innovative structure. The backstory of the game, weird and kooky as it is, involves […]

Boktai preview

Gamespot has a preview of Boktai, the GBA game designed, produced, or otherwise associated with Hideo Kojima. It’s an action RPG with a unique twist: the cartridge contains a light sensor. Sunlight falling on the cartridge affects gameplay – which, incidentally, is a neat copy protection method. “The game detects sunlight via a sensor on […]

Sun Launches Gaming Division

Read all about it. Java evangelism for connected devices. More at next week’s JavaOne Video Game Summit. Update: Some more. Massively connected know-how, now aimed at entertainment.

Update from the innovation crisis

Update from the innovation crisis debate Jason Della Rocca has posted his view on the innovation crisis debate started by Greg Costikyan after this year’s GDC. Basically, he takes two charts from gameState Magazine (i.e. Edge magazine extracts sponsored by Renderware – hardly a good recipe for decent journalism… but that’s beside the point here) […]

Procedural content – another update

Procedural content – another update Is there a name for that phenomenon when you become interested in something and then you see it all the time? Here I am quietly reading Neil Gaiman’s excellent weblog, just minding my own business, when Neil mentions a poetry generator, written by Rob ‘CmdrTaco’ Malda, founder of Slashdot no […]

Procedural content – update

Argh! How could I write about web filters without mentioning two of my favorite filters: The Eater of Meaning. It turns any web page into brain-bending mush. See for yourself. It even eats HTML comments! I’ve saved two copies of it’s output because it’s just so cool. And it’s written in Python and you can […]

Computer games as a tool

Computer games as a tool for conspiracy theories The TR-3B Astra Locust for MS Flight Simulator 2002 Pro. Get it now! before the men in black shut down the website. (From BoingBoing.)

Procedural content

Being someone who has both programming skills and creative urges, I suppose it is not very surprising that I am very interested in procedural content. Code is a crucial element of interactivity, so I’ve always thought that using code to generate or modify content is an easy and fascinating way to make interactive entertainment richer, […]

William Gibson on the future of narrative

On May 17th, William Gibson gave a talk at the Directors Guild of America’s Digital Day about the future of narrative. It’s hard to say whether his view of the possibilities of technology applied to narrative are sarcastic, pessimistic or something else: “Because I see Johnny falling asleep now in his darkened bedroom, and atop […]