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More on Sony’s PSP and PSX has two articles on Sony’s upcoming products: one on Chris Deering’s speech on the PSP at the ELSPA summit in London, and one on Ken Kutaragi’s recent revelations in Japan. (Boy, am I glad that “parallel processing is a fairly well understood branch of computer science, so while developers may struggle to get to […]

Tinkering behind the scenes

Blogger has introduced a new blogging system – well, mainly a new interface. So if you see something odd here, that’s probably me fiddling around with various buttons and levers. Probably.

The price of sex

Edward Castronova, the economics professor who estimated that the GNP of Norrath, the setting of Everquest, is higher than that of many developing countries, has now determined that male Everquest avatars are worth more real money than female avatars: “[…] ability seems more important than sex in determining the value of a body. Nonetheless, among […]

What pre-1985 videogame character are you?

*sigh* It was only a matter of time I suppose. Go on, take the test. Kudos to the makers for including Jetpac Man, aka Lunar Jetman. I’m a light cycle from Tron, by the way. (From Power Pill.) Once, a looong time ago, I was asked for a magazine interview what video game character I […]

SARS Kung Fu

Someone hacked the Kung Fu NES ROM to make a SARS-themed version. There are many clever things I could say here, using big words even. But I’m sure you get the point.

PocketClive for Smartphone 2002

Someone has ported PocketClive, a GPL’ed Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, to the SmartPhone 2002. Which is a bit like MAME for digital cameras if you think about it. Several curves are intersecting bizarrely here. The approaches and skillsets and game types that were prevalent 20 years ago are still valid, like bacteria. They just keep […]

Cheapass Games

Justin Hall, over at Game Girl Advance, has blogged about an interview with James Ernest, the founder of Cheapass Games. Cheapass Games make very nice (and often hilariously funny) board and card games, and deliver them in a highly minimalistic manner. They simply assume everyone already has tons of markers and dice and whatnot, and […]

Half-Life 2

I’m sure that by now everyone has seen the Half-Life 2 videos that were shown at this year’s E3. It caused a lot of excitement in our office, and like many developers who’ve been around the block a few times, we’re a pretty cynical bunch. But those videos had us foaming at the mouth. After […]


The reason why I’m so glad that Half-Life 2 and also Deus Ex 2 are coming to the XBox is that these two games were the last reasons I could think of for upgrading my PC. My PC, which was a top of the line Dell way back in 1998 and which I’ve hardly upgraded […]

Half-Life 2 on the XBox

I had only heard from one source that Half-Life 2 was coming for the XBox (not that I spent a lot of time trying to confirm it). Apparently, there was some doubt, which has recently been dispelled.