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Way of the many branches

Way of the Samurai, a game for PS2, seems to apply an interesting brute-force branching approach to its storyline, with apparently intriguing results:
Some players may be turned off by the game's simple looks and occasionally cumbersome control, but sticking with Way of the Samurai reveals considerable depth. The area around Rokkotsu Pass has a great many events to get involved in, and the attention to action and consequence is surprising. For example, in some games, the blacksmith would simply refuse to perform a service you couldn't afford. Here, he does it, finds out you stiffed him, and then tries to kill you. You can fight back, of course, but knocking him off means no sword repairs for the rest of the game. Many other events are structured in a similar way -- it's that added layer of consequence that makes it worth playing so many times.