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The Pan European Games Information age rating system

The Pan European Games Information (PEGI) age rating system was recently introduced into the interactive entertainment markets of sixteen European countries.

Germany is not among them. Perhaps this is because the shiny new law to protect the young from media is incompatible with PEGI. I don't know, I haven't looked into the new law yet. It's already cause a lot of controversy. In any case, it looks as if the USK, the German age rating system, will stay around.

On the Dutch part of the site one can read:

"Het is het eerste Pan-Europese classificatiesysteem voor computer- en videospelletjes."

This means: "It is the first pan-European classification system for little computer and video games." or in German: "Es ist das erste pan-Europaeische Klassifikationssystem fuer Computer- und Video-Spielchen."

The diminutive form, which is very easy to use in Dutch, is ALWAYS used when talking about video games in the Netherlands. It drives me nuts... it's as if some kind of childish activity, and not a $%^&-ing ten billion dollar industry.

I honestly think this phenomenon is linked to the status of interactive entertainment in The Netherlands. This is why I left my home country in 1991 in order to pursue my career.