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Game blogs

Walter Kim over at Virtual Reverie talks about the sudden explosion of game development blogs, which I have noticed as well. Bezzie from adds an interesting comment.

I roughly classify the game blogs into the following categories: academically oriented blogs (e.g. How They Got Game), blogs by intelligent gamers, blogs by people with other interests (e.g. Evan Robinson's Engines of Mischief - read his GDC coverage) and blogs by professional game developers (e.g. League of Extraordinary Game Developers and, ahem, this blog).

[Update: Someone corrected me on the background of one blog I mentioned, so I changed that. Also, I'd like to stress that this very simple classification is not meant to be correlated with a blog's value: it's just type. And of course some categories overlap: e.g. Evan Robinson is an experienced pro, he just has things to say about more than just games.]

Meanwhile, I remain dissatisfied. Commenting on various bits and snippets of game development news is easy, but always takes a bit more time than I feel is worth it, especially if I want to add value beyond just filtering these items to my blog. Of course, writing more substantial posts takes even more time. So while I deal with my sense of mission and my short attention span, feel free to give me feedback, either per email or through the fancy-pants comment system, on what you like or don't like about this blog. All five of you, remember, I know where you live.