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Status upgrade

I've only ever seen Takeshi Kaneshiro in Wong Kar-Wai's excellent Fallen Angels, but he's quite a famous movie star in Asia. Also, he played the starring role in Capcom's Onimusha series on the PlayStation 2.

Onimusha 3, to be released one year from now, is set in modern-day France as well as medieval Japan, and co-stars Jean Reno. Takashi Yamazaki, the writer and director of Returner (also starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, and featuring a hilarious trailer) will take care of the CG movies, together with Donnie Yen, who did the fight choreography for Blade 2, among other things.

Check out the Onimusha 3 trailer to see what Jean Reno looks like in real-time 3D. His role does not seem to require a large array of facial expressions. But then, this is an action game.