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No EA and Eidos for XBox Live

Bloomberg has an article about Electronic Arts and Eidos's announcements to not support XBox Live.

We're not supporting Xbox Live for the time being because we don't feel comfortable with Microsoft's business model -- they own the consumer,'' said Eidos Chief Executive Mike McGarvey in an interview on March 6. The company is developing games for Sony's PlayStation 2 online system, because "Sony is more of a partner,'' he said.

Redwood City, California-based Electronics Arts, which makes titles such as "2002 FIFA World Cup'' and"NHL 2003'' for the Xbox console, said it's also reluctant to join Microsoft's system. `"We have no plans for online games with Xbox because we couldn't agree on the terms,'' said spokesman Jeff Brown, reiterating a position held since last May.

(From Slashdot, thanks to Ryan for pointing this out.)