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Doom and gloom - follow-up

Tobe gently pointed me towards the comments section of Greg's below-mentioned blog entry. A small extract:

So, it's not [EA]'s fault. It's easy to pick on them because they're the big bad suits. It's always been the market rule that larger companies take less risks because they have less to gain and more to lose. So, with that in mind, it's really the fault of smaller publishers like Dreamcatcher and JoWood who produce crap like Maximum Capacity Hotel Giant or Nightcaster II, or [insert favorite Myst-wannabee title here] which would, no doubt, sell no better than some of these independent games. To Dreamcatcher's credit, they have attempted branching out but it seems they lack a good eye (Gore, Hegemonia).

THOSE companies are the ones that need to be courting the indie game designers, not EA or Eidos.

Well, I'm not sure I agree, but as I'm currently working for JoWooD, I'll pass on the news. And hey, Neighbours From Hell is plenty innovative (relatively speaking), and it could have been an indie title ;)